Wednesday, 20 June 2012

TIPS: How to bring humidity to air-con room?

Sleeping in air-conditioned room is a 'must' for my family, why? simply because 'get used to it' (yeah, i know it's not environmentally green). However, i do have this problem, or rather uncomfortability - dryness in my airway, and of course to the skin too.

It's not a too serious issue for Malaysia (or Asia) weather due to the humidity level in the country. But recent haze that folded the country has definitely bring uneasiness to many of us. I can even feel the dryness level worsen.

This makes me to recall the device i used to have in the States when i lived couple months for business purpose - Humidifier! I couldn't emphasize more how useful is this device to help in combating the dry air in the States. The concept is very simple, the device is just gonna generate heats to the water (you need to fill up water) and evaporate out the mist to the room.

Google searched image

Well, i have been searching for this device here at most of the major electrical appliances stores, and i couldn't find a good one. The closest i could get is air purifier. Hmmm ... This is not what i want!

OK, friends around shared with me, that i can put a bowl of water, (or any types of containers) in the room to help on the humidity. So, to be a 'kiasu' person, i use a wide diameter plate instead, with the engineering calculation that wider dimension brings up more surface for the water to 'disappear'. Right? Agree? :)

This method didn't bring much improvement, actually i would say it's slow improvement. So, one day, this idea came to my mind - if you need to have your clothing dry before next day, the best way is to hang in a air-conditioned room. 

I apply the same method too, but not with the intention of drying up the clothing, but to bring humidity to my room. Oh, pls note that i don't really hang the clothes though, i'm using small towel instead for the sake of pleasant environment (But one can do that too - afterall, it's one stone kills two birds). After a trial of 2 nights, i can feel the airway dryness improved. Although i couldn't tell from my skin condition, but i do believe it should help. Most importantly, it's cost free!

What have you tried in bringing in humidity (or good air) to your place?

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