Thursday, 7 June 2012

DIY #1 for Father's Day

An simple and easy to follow necktie + bowtie gift wrap DIY, to enlighten up your father in this coming Father's Day. It's almost at no cost, and you can change the materials or colours that you father favours. It has a secret pocket compartment for your small gift or message (or 'angpow').

 A secret pocket compartment for small gift or lovely message

                                         1. Paints (or colours) to make your patterned tie
                                         2. Cork (any similar gear) to stamp polka dots, brush to do stripes for ties
                                         3. Wrapped Present (remember recyclable wraps)
                                         4. Double-sided tape
                                         5. Scissors
                                         6. Coloured card.

Check out the detailed steps @ BerinMade for Poppytalk

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