Saturday, 14 June 2014

Fighting Endometriosis

It's been six months since my last post! Where have i been ? Oh well, I've been in a 'battle' with most women enemy nowadays - endometriosis.

It's been a tough time over the last one year. I've been through 2 laps, to remove cysts. That's no fun girls, and once again it makes me realized that women are really the tougher kind.

Through out the year, I read a lot of information and details on endometriosis, and endo-diet. It's a brand new 'chapter' for anyone, who started picking up new diet regime, and lifestyle. It's not an easy one. I know it.

There are many good blogs and websites on this topic, which I'm going to share more in future posts. With this, I hope to bring little awareness here, and sharings with endo-mates.

"Together, Let's fight it!"

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