Sunday, 2 December 2012

Do you think your children Spoiled?

No simple answer. Yes, that is true - no simple answer. Let's make a guess, that most parents (AND grandparents) would find other children being spoiled by their own parents, while they don't realize they actually do. Do you?

Parents nowadays are financially more stable, as compared to old days, and therefore, the children are more privileged in getting things they wanted to have. Not to mention the working parents who wish to shed off the guiltiness of not being with the children for most of the time.

I met a lady, who only visited her son that stayed with the grandma, during weekends. She spent a expensive set of DVDs for her son. Before i could ask more, she gave me a guilty look, said "I don't read him stories at night, i hope i could give him something good!". Being a parent, this is way too straight forward to understand the feeling. Yet remember always "You don’t have to be wealthy to overindulge a child with stuff"- quoted from How Spoiled Are Our Children? No Simple Answer.

The affection and love from parents, is no boundary, and that is what we always want to give to our children. But does that means we don't step into the 'territory of spoiling' ? Get some insights from the article. Happy Reading!

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